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Lexie Rose
Photo Courtesy” Lexie Rose

by Candice Anne Marshall

ArtistMax – Hello Lexie Rose! Welcome to the brand new ArtistMax Featured Artist blog! We are thrilled to be showcasing your talent as well as talking to you about your experience with ArtistMax! First, let’s begin with you. Tell us about your career journey from the time you began singing to this moment in time.

Lexie Rose – I started singing in a program called the School of Rock at 8-years-old and I haven’t stopped since. Through this program, I gained experience playing live shows and working with other kids in a band setting. At around 11, I started writing my own music and at 13 I booked my first solo gig at Room 5, a lounge in LA. After that, my band formed, and we’ve been playing around LA since! I’ve played at venues such as The Troubadour, The Echo, Hotel Cafe, The Hi Hat, and many more.

ArtistMax – What keeps you inspired in your career?

Lexie Rose – Other musicians really. Great songwriters inspire me to continue writing and working at my craft. My family also keeps me inspired since both my dad and brother are also musicians. For songwriting, I find inspiration from the people around me and my experiences. I also love playing live and feeding off of the energy from the audience. Playing music offers me an outlet like no other.

ArtistMax – In delving into the bio on your website, we saw that there are some major accomplishments you have made. Congrats! Can you share some of your most memorable with our new readers?

Lexie Rose – So far, my favorite experience in my music career is recording my EP. I had an amazing time working with my producer Max Allyn and the rest of my band. It was a great feeling hearing my songs come together and knowing I’d get to share it with a wider audience. After having had all these songs come to life, it was a rewarding experience.

ArtistMax – We also see your brother has a band (Night Talks) which you also play acoustic and keyboards for. That’s awesome! Do you do a lot of work with him?

Lexie Rose – He also plays bass for me, so, we are in each other’s bands. We don’t do much co-writing, but we do ask each other for advice frequently.

ArtistMax – What has been the greatest compliment you have been paid since beginning your career as an Artist?

Lexie Rose – At one of my most recent shows, two little girls came up to me after and handed me a post-it note that read “I love your songs” with a heart drawn on it. It was absolutely adorable. On another note, when people tell me they can relate to a song or that song has touched them, it is really rewarding. This may not technically be a compliment, but it’s also a wonderful feeling seeing people in the audience singing along to songs I’ve written.

ArtistMax – Have you been played on radio since the releases this year of your songs ‘Wrong’ and ’20 Weeks’? If so, who would you like to give a shout out to?

Lexie Rose – I haven’t been played on the radio yet, but I did get to play an event for KCSN recently. So, shout out to KCSN, my favorite radio station!

ArtistMax – You literally released the music video for ’20 Weeks’ on November 3rd! We have now featured it on the Newsletter Page on our ArtistMax website to showcase you along with this feature. You have already gotten over 1000+ views too! Congrats. Can you tell us who your creative team was in the making of this video?

Lexie Rose – My drummer, Elijah Wells, directed and filmed the video for ‘20 Weeks’. We were having lunch after rehearsal this past summer at Beachwood Cafe and I fell in love with the restaurant. He had wanted to film something with a Wes Anderson vibe to it, so it was perfect. It was pretty much just us and some other friends who put it together and resulted in something really fun and cute.

ArtistMax – Your song ‘Wrong’ was released in July of this year as well and it has now been played at Abercrombie & Fitch! That’s huge! How did you land that gig?

Lexie Rose – I owe that to my publicist for submitting me. I was so happy that they picked up my song so quickly.

ArtistMax – I also saw that you are ‘supported’ by MAC Cosmetics as well! That’s fantastic – how did that come about?

Lexie Rose – I also owe that to my publicist! We reached out and they liked my look. I love makeup, so this was a pretty exciting sponsorship.

ArtistMax – What has the media response been like to your two singles?

Lexie Rose – I’ve gotten lots of great reviews/write-ups for the singles! It’s been all great feedback which has been incredible.

ArtistMax – What kind of support have you gotten among your high school peer group?

Lexie Rose – I’ll catch my friends at school humming my songs not realizing what they’re singing which is always funny. They are always super supportive and are the first ones to download my music.

ArtistMax – Can you tell us some of the challenges of attending school while simultaneously building your career?

Lexie Rose – The only real challenge I’ve had is managing AP classes, and now college apps, with my rehearsal schedule. I can honestly say my life gets pretty busy trying to manage being a 17-year-old songwriter and student.

Lexie Rose at the Hotel Cafe Second Stage


ArtistMax – Can you tell us what it was like attending an ArtistMax event in Los Angeles?

Lexie Rose – It was great meeting so many other artists going through similar experiences and having so many of our questions answered. ArtistMax offered a great environment for upcoming artists to get insight on the reality of the music industry. I also met a vocal coach there, Michele Gruska, who I continued to see after ArtistMax.

ArtistMax – What were your thoughts on the kind of mentoring you received from Ken Caillat and the other professionals at the event?

Lexie Rose – Many of the mentors were seasoned industry pros and were able to offer great advice. We were also able to ask questions, perform, and receive advice.

ArtistMax – What do you think were or are the most important tips you learned at the event that you have applied to your career to date?

Lexie Rose – The big thing for me personally were tips regarding social media and how we can use these platforms to our benefit.

ArtistMax – Would you ever attend another event?

Lexie Rose – Of course!

ArtistMax – If you could add one thing to the ArtistMax events, what would that be and why?

Lexie Rose – More live performances and songwriting along with feedback. For me, this was my biggest concern as an artist and I wish we saw more of that.

ArtistMax – If you could change one thing about the ArtistMax events what would that be and why?

Lexie Rose – There was a whole panel on fashion, and I understand the importance of an artist’s image, but I didn’t feel that this should have been a focus. Artists should be more focused on songwriting rather than looks and I feel artists should wear what they feel truly inspires them. This is just my personal opinion.

ArtistMax – What would you say to anyone considering attending our events?

Lexie Rose – Go into to ArtistMax with an open mind and come prepared with questions! This is a great time to ask and learn from professional so use it to your advantage.

Lexie Rose
Photo Courtesy” Lexie Rose


ArtistMax – What has been the biggest challenge for you personally in building your career?

Lexie Rose – My biggest challenge has been building my social media following. I personally don’t love to self-promote myself (even though I understand its importance) so this has been a big push for me. Social media is an amazing way to get my music out into the world, I’m just still learning how to build it and so much of an artist’s career nowadays depends on a following.  

ArtistMax – What do you think the music industry is lacking in terms of support?

Lexie Rose – Many artists have struggles producing great music due to how expensive and judgmental the music industry can be. The industry is so difficult to enter and today with social media, labels want artists with strong followings already. I personally feel that so much of my career is keeping up with my social media content rather than my artistry.

ArtistMax – What things do you feel are positive in the music industry today?

Lexie Rose – I’m still so young in this industry so it’s hard for me to give you a good answer. I have had many great experiences with producers and fellow musicians, but these experiences are few.

ArtistMax – What social media platform are you most active on and why?

Lexie Rose – I’m most active on Instagram. I’m a big fan of having the visual aspect apart of my social media content. I’m also active on Facebook where it’s easier to promote upcoming shows.

ArtistMax – Do you write all your own music?

Lexie Rose – I do write all of my own music, but I still love to co-write. For example, “Wrong” was a co-write between my producer and I. But all the other songs of my upcoming EP were songs I’ve written myself. 

Lexie Rose
Photo Courtesy: Lexie Rose

ArtistMax – What instrument(s) are you proficient in?

Lexie Rose – I accompany myself on both guitar and keyboards at shows.

ArtistMax – Who would you love to do a co-write with and why?

Lexie Rose – I would’ve loved to do a co-write with Elliott Smith and also Fiona Apple. They are both huge inspirations when it comes to songwriting.

ArtistMax – Alright, final question: what does the term ‘success’ mean to you?

Lexie Rose – To me, success means making a career out of my music. Being able to play music and write songs for a living is success to me. I am not so much concerned with fame but rather being able to play my music as a stable career.

Thank-you Lexie!

Lexie Rose at The Troubadour


Lexie Rose
Photo Courtesy: Lexie Rose

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