Official ArtistMax Contest Rules | February 2018

Welcome to the ArtistMax February 2018 Competition!

The winner of this event will be automatically entered into our LIVE competition in Los Angeles, California in 2018 before a 1000+ seat auditorium!

If you are a Musician/Artists enrolled in our February 2018 ArtistMax Competition event, here are your official rules:

ArtistMax – February 2018 Artist Competition: Official Rules

**Please ensure you read this in its entirety before submitting **

We at ArtistMax LOVE to promote and support Artists all over the world and we have launched this brand new element to the ArtistMax agenda to get YOUR VOICE heard!
This is a 45% FAN VOTED and 55% Judge-Voted Event. Here’s how it works:
1.) All Artists who are eligible for this competition come from the following:

  • Previous ArtistMax (AM) Alumni who have completed our AM events in past seasons (prior to December 31st, 2017).
  • Brand New ArtistMax Artists who have signed up for the Spring 2018 Session (March 23-26th, 2018) (register here)

We will accept a maximum of 10 ArtistMax Artists for the February 5th – 10th 2018 competition. Please be aware that not everyone who registers for this will be eligible for the judge’s panel voting as there will be a pre-screening process so that we can ensure there isn`t anything inappropriate such as swearing, violence, or nudity in your content. This will be grounds for instant disqualification. FAN voting and showcase period begins on February 5th, 2017 at 12:01am PST and runs through until February 10th, 2017 at 11:59PM PST in North America here on the ArtistMax website.

When submitting your social media content and promo photos PLEASE ensure you put the following in the Subject line header or else your email could get lost in and among all of the other submissions: ArtistMax November 2017 Artist Submission | (Artist name goes here) *This is very important otherwise the submission will not be accepted.

For NEW REGISTRATIONS: ONLY send your content to once your registration for the March 2018 event in Los Angeles has been confirmed.

Please Note: deadlines for submissions are 12 noon PST January 31st, 2018 in North America.
2.) Once the Artist has been submitted, we will require all Social Media links, Promotional photos, and YouTube channels AS WELL AS an MP3 or MP3’s of your ORIGINAL MUSIC- NO EXCEPTIONS. We cannot showcase you to our judges if we do not have anything for them to gauge your talent and presence by. Without all links, we will cancel the nominated submission.
3.) You must be prepared to share this event with your fans, family and friends and encourage them to join to see the activity going on while we promote the Artists for our Judges. ALSO, GET THEM TO VOTE ON THE OFFICIAL VOTING POLL IN THIS EVENT AS IT COUNTS FOR 45% OF THE WIN! The higher the participation on behalf of our promotional efforts as well as the Artists fans (you can certainly join in on the event wall discussions with posts promoting yourself!) is encouraged.

4.) The winner will be announced on February 20th, 2018 on the ArtistMax website in our ArtistMax News page on the site and shortly afterwards, we will interview the Artists via email, phone, or skype and promote them throughout the OFFICIAL ARTISTMAX Featured Artist Blog on our website commencing February 28th, 2018 on our website with links to all of your social media. This includes all Social Media blasts as well.

5.) All interviews shall be completed by February 25TH, 2018 in order for us to get it ready to launch with the announcement of you as our official February 2018 CONTEST WINNER.

6.) The winner of this event will be automatically entered into our LIVE competition/event in Los Angeles, California in June 2018! Please note: This does not include accommodations or airfare.

7.) It is mandatory that All Artists email us back a signed copy of these rules (supplied once we have all full registration details and your content for this contest) via email indicating that they are aware that they WILL BE ENROLLED FOR THE FEBRUARY 2018 ARTIST COMPETITION PRIOR TO JANUARY 31st, 2018.

8.) We will NOT remove an Artist AFTER the fan-based poll has begun. There are *NO EXCEPTIONS*



Our Judges are the ArtistMax team. These votes will count for 55% of the final votes and be also considered for the winning Artist spot. ALL judges have experience in radio, contests, music journalism, magazine publication as well as song writing and production on the indie scene.

Our Judges will vote on all Artists in the following categories:

  1. Best in Media Support & Engagement.

  2. Best in Music Sound/Quality/Lyrics/Instrumentation. (includes video)

  3. Best Fan interaction.

  4. Social Media Content & Website Branding

  5. Performance. (includes video)

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions & supporting YOU, the Indie Artists!


Los Angeles, California